Monday, July 9, 2012

Feeling Snarky and Pinterest

I like Pinterest just as much as the next girl. It's got awesome recipes, hilarious quotes, great outfits I dream of owning, etc. However, I'm in a pretty snarky mood today, so there were a couple things on Pinterest, especially their "inspirational" quotes that just made me laugh. I have put the highlights together in groups for your enjoyment.

1) Girls justifying their past actions. Case in point.

This is stupid. And is pretty much what every girl says in order to justify dating a douche bag, or anyone for that matter that isn't worth their time. And they know it.  


Whilst? Your? Yeah. Not even. Doing stupid things is never a good idea. And I feel like this pin is saying "If you don't do stupid things, you won't be happy!" Guess what? Because I didn't do stupid things when I was young it means I'm not smiling at a baby right now. And that makes me very happy. 

2) Girls who have an irrational amount of hope for relationships- and will probably blame themselves when it doesn't work. 

And then you'll cry yourself to sleep for years when you break up. There are a crapload of awesome people out there. If you think that there's just one for you you might want to invest in a towel to put over that pillow. Cause honey, those tears ain't gonna stop. 

Oh yeah, stick around forever and hope that if he doesn't like you tomorrow, he'll change his mind. That's a really good idea. Haha just kidding! Move on sweet pea, maybe you should love yourself instead of that loser you're trying to get to like you. Also...what's with this picture? These people clearly aren't waiting for anything.

Absolutely! Don't intelligently analyze a situation at all. And then when it doesn't work out for the best you can think, wonder, imagine, and obsess exactly where it went wrong :) Here, I'll save you the trouble- THE BEGINNING WHERE YOU DIDN'T THINK.

3) Girls who sit around on Pinterest all day and wonder why they're not going on any dates

Good grief. It's the 21st Century. It's okay to let a guy know you're interested. Reciprocation is key. If you initiate and he doesn't reciprocate, move on. However, you can't expect the guy to just make all the moves and do everything without encouragement. He's a guy, not a mind reader. 

4) Girls who are depressed and express that via pins on Pinterest. 

So, there's this thing called an anti-depressant, it's supposedly good for depression. There's also running- which is way cheaper.

Sheesh! Is this supposed to be inspirational? I feel like this should be followed up with "I am nothing and will amount to nothing." Again...I would recommend a healthy amount of exercise. Works wonders. 

5) Demeaning girls in general.

Yes, because if you're feeling insecure the sure antidote is to take off your clothes and roll around in the sand. Nothing gets you feeling better about yourself than a little good old fashioned objectification. Pinterest is RIFE with stuff like this. Watch out. 

Having said that...Pinterest does also have some pins that cater to my snarkyness (snarkiness?) Here are just a few for your further enjoyment. 


And now for the grand finale...

It's true. I love you, food. So. Much. 

Stay tuned my fabulous blog readers! There are more adventures to come. 

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